Aircrew Wear



As you progress in Civil Air Patrol and ready to fly as a Scanner, Observer, and Pilot, the Nomex flight suit is mandatory wear for Aircrew.

The following is information on aircrew gear. IMPORTANT use the unofficial guide on Flight Suit wear by clicking HERE . Also see the CAP Uniform Manual - CAPM 39-1.

*** Important - check the sizing chart in the  GUIDE  as US Military sizes are different!

Flight Suit

a. Sage Green – CWU-27P – Must be Nomex/Aramid Fiber. Your first Flight Suit does not have to be brand new and $200.
b. The best eBay site is Colonel T's Supply with new and used flight gear well under $100.00 - Click Here.
c. Vanguard - $243 - Click here for green or here for blue.
d. eBay – surplus - $20 to $75. Make sure it is a CWU-27/P, and there is a picture of the issue tag. Note some flight suits are being sold on eBay and they are made of Nylon. Make sure you do not purchase these as they are not approved.  c. Click Here for an eBay search of CWU-27/P Sage. 

Flight Jacket Nomex/Aramid Fiber (optional)

a. USAF Stock number CWU-36/P Summer or CWU-45P Winter
b. A good eBay site is Colonel T's Supply - Click Here.
c. eBay - CWU-36/P or CWU-45/P.

Flight Jacket non-Nomex/Aramid (optional)

a. SAGE GREEN FLIGHT JACKET – Orange lining (Not Nomex)
b. Vanguard - Click Here - $40.00.


a. To be considered a flight boot, boots must be made of all-leather uppers that come above the ankles (the higher the better) and must be constructed so that metal parts, such as shoestring eyes or zippers, do not contact the wearer's skin. Non-leather boots must be flight approved in accordance with U.S. military standards for aviation use.
b. Big 5 Sporting Goods here.
c. Alameda Army Navy surplus – 2500 Embarcadero, Unit E, Oakland, CA. 510-261-5152.
d. Or click Here for eBay search.

e. On the left is an example of an approved non-leather flight boot (Belleville 770).
f. Click here to purchase from Belleville or shop around - $125.00 to $155.00.
g. Or eBay click Here.

Flight Gloves – Useful for winter flying (Optional)

a. Can be purchased from or found on eBay.

The following are the insignia for wear on the Flight Suit (affectionately known as the Bag).

Leather Name Patch:

a. Grade – Senior member SR MBR until completion of Form 5 or Observer, or six months with conditions. Grade thereafter pending approval from Commander is VFR - 2D LT, IFR/Commercial – 1ST LT, CFI/ATP – CAPT
b. If you are a pilot and will be taking the Form 5 within six months, order the patch with the pilot wings and cover them with a piece of black electrical tape, otherwise order AIRCREW BASIC and cover that with black electrical tape. DO NOT WEAR GRADE OR RATINGS THAT YOU HAVE NOT EARNED.
c. Vanguard - Click Here - $9.70.

California Wing Patch

a. Vanguard - Click Here - $2.30.

Plastic Encased Grade

d. Vanguard - Click Here - $6.60 TO $7.70.
e. Note that some members sew Velcro onto the rank and the flight suit.

Command Patch

a. Vanguard - Click Here - $3.80.

American Flag - 2" X 3"

a. Vanguard - Click Here - $4.55.

Flight Cap Device - Senior Member/Officer (green flight suit only)

a. Vanguard - Click Here - $6.20.

Male Senior Member Flight Caps (for men, green flight suit only)

a. Vanguard - Click Here - $19.45.

Female Senior Member Flight Caps (for Women, green flight suit only)

a. Vanguard - Click Here - $19.45.

Sage Green Velcro (use black for blue flight suit)

a. Can be purchased from or eBay.

Cost Matrix:





Flight Suit












Flight Cap




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