The following are the uniform selections for wear on Tuesday nights, and where to get them.   All of the options below and the CAP distinctive uniforms are acceptable as per the CAP Uniform Manual CAPM 39-1.

For wear, instructions consult the CAPM 39-1 Uniform Manual.

Blue and Grey's (Polo Shirt)

Suggested for new members in rank of Senior Member (SM)

Note:  It is suggested that new members either order the Screen Printed versions until they achieve their Form 5 or GMT 3 or order them with Aeronautical Wings or the Ground Team badge and put a piece of black tape over the badge.
Golf Shirt Suppliers:
a.  Civil Air Patrol Uniform: Golf Shirt with Screened Seal - navy blue - $25.90.
b.  Civil Air Patrol Uniform: Golf Shirt with Seal - $35.65.
c.  Add-On personalization is $8.65, check the box before assing to your cart.

Wear with Medium Grey Pants, Black Belt, and Black Shoes or boots.

Pant Suppliers:
a. 5.11 TacLite Pro pant - Charcoal - $47.74

USAF Class "B"

Suggested after achieving officer rank of Second Lieutenant 

a.  AAFES/MCSS – Travis Air Force Base - Base Map.
b.  Coast Guard Inland (Oakland) – Coast Guard Tropical Blue Short Sleeve (SS) shirt is identical to the Air Force SS shirt.  Pants and belt are different color.
c.  Vanguardmil.com
i.  Blues, Male, Shirt, Short Sleeve with epaulettes, Blue - $44.00
ii.  Blues, Male, Trousers, Shade 1625 - $55.00
iii.  Blues, Male, Shoes, Hi-Gloss (Sizes 5 - 15) - $46.00
iv.  Belt, AF Blue with SILVER TIP & BUCKLE, Mens, 54 inch (With Buckle) -$3.50
v.  Flight cap, senior sizes, male - $16.50
vi.  Senior flight cap device - $4.60
vii.  Nameplate, civil air patrol, 3 line, w/last name - Gray (for seniors) - $3.20
viii.  Senior grade epaulette loop, gray (pr) - $6.60 - $7.70
d.  Alameda Army Navy Surplus - A large amount of Surplus gear - Click Here.

Flight Suit

a. We may have some in stock. Check with the Commander.
b.  See this Link.

Battle Dress Uniform - All-blue

a.  Vanguardmil.com

USAF Class "A"

a.  AAFES/MCSS – Travis Air Force Base - Base Map.
 i.  Blues, Male, Service Coat, Shade 1620, with Epaulettes (Sizes 36 - 52) - $195.00
ii.  Blues, Male, Shirt, Short Sleeve, with Epaulettes, Blue - $19.95
iii.  Blues, Male, Shoes, Dress, Leather Oxford, New Style (Size 5-15) - $46.00 or
iv.  Blues, Male, Shoes, Hi-Gloss (Sizes 5 - 15) - $46.00

CAP Distinctive uniforms

Each of the uniform options (Except the Blue's and Grey's) have a CAP Distinctive option for those that have broad shoulders or facial hair.  For those options, see the CAP Uniform Manual CAPM 39-1.

The CAP Distinctive uniforms can be purchased at Vanguardmil.com.  White aviator shirts can also be found at various pilot shops on the internet.

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